Film: 6626

Food + Drink | 1970 | Sound | Colour


Lift mechanism above mine, children on roundabout, lots of people's legs in city. Miner, plough, aeroplane. Popping champagne cork and pouring into silver bowl of milk. Woman pouring it out. Woman getting undressed and getting into bath, bathing; lots of bubbles, talking on telephone in bath. Close-up of pouring milk. Egyptian murals. Man with gout, face up reading paper. Dressing-table of creams and perfumes, woman applying cream, looking in mirror. Milk-processing plant, man hosing down floor. Lots of pipes and vats. Man climbing up milk tanker and taking milk samples. Testing bottles of milk in plant. Testing in a laboratory. Woman in white coat and paper hat. Lots of bottles on conveyer belt. Elephants. Mother breast-feeding. Labrador with pups. Pigs and piglets. Horses. Children drawing cows. Prehistoric cave-paintings. Stills of bulls and cows; cows in field eating grass; cows in dairy being milked, cleaning udders. Milking parlour machinery. Children in barn with calves, their milk measured out. Man checking milk before filling tanker. Bottles being filled and capped in factory. Milkman making deliveries. Men in bar drinking pints of milk. Children in school drinking milk.

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