Film: 6627

Social History | 1970 | Sound | Colour


Insurance. Interviews with insurance workers while on the job.
Disasters. Firemen fighting large fire. Burning plane. Insurance brokers large office. Claims technician, talks about receiving a claim and handling claims. Claim inspector, motor claim, she goes to see solicitors and paces out the road for stopping distances at Putney Park Lane, London. She then visits a stable closed because of ring worm infection. There she checks precautions were taken and books against loss of incomeetc. A male Loss adjuster visits a woman at her house where the garage has been demolished by council dustcart. Driving his car over a bridge giving an interview whilst on his way to Brighton to visit burnt out bus station and checks if anything can be salvaged. Brokers, Assessors and claims staff say how they came to choose insurance as a career and their job satisfaction.

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