Film: 6646

Social History | 1930 | Silent | B/W + Colour


Amateur home movie.
All the family at Hove, Sussex, June 1936 and the early years of two small boys documented on film. Tudors Close, Golders Hill Park. Broadstairs, Kent, in 1937.

Title: At Home October 1935.
Two small boys, one a toddler in a paved garden with their mother.

Title: To the Park to meet Grandma and Grandpa.
Mother pushing pram down the street. Toddler in pram, small boy walking beside. In the park they are joined by Gent in overcoat and bowler hat and lady in fur coat. Gentleman and Mother playing with toddler on the grass.

Title: Holidays at Hove 1936.
Children making sandcastles on the beach. Man in swimming trunks carrying one of the boys.

Title: The Weekend. Gathering of the Clans.
Several generations of family on a pebble beach, by a windbreak. Some sitting on deckchairs, some on towels. Several children sitting together talking and then running close up to camera. Children paddling in the sea. Ladies lying on beach sunning themselves.

Title: Alec joins us for a weekend.
Close up of a man. More footage of the pebbly beach and children playing up to the camera.

Title: We visit the old farm.
Two ladies in dresses and sun hats with the two boys and an older girl, walking around.

Title: At Tudor Close for tea.
The children and their mothers are feeding doves on the grass.

Title: Flower Gardens –Golders Hill Park November 1936.
The two boys dressed in overcoats, with their mother. Small boy with cat. Both boys and mother walking by flower beds and posing for camera.
Film has a red tint from this section onwards.

Title: Broadstairs August 1937
Boy in the sea with a man, possibly father, helping him to learn to swim. Boys paddling. Shot up on to beach which looks empty, showing rows of deckchairs. Children playing in rockpools and on the shore with their parents.

Title: Jennifer on her first holiday.
Small baby lying on mattress. Two boys being pushed in a big old pushchair. Two boys playing at pushing the pushchair around.

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