Film: 6648

Places + Locations | 1910 | Silent | B/W


Lengua Mascoys, Paraguay, South America. Missionaries 1910's

The first title reads " First Tribe Evangelised in Paraguayan Chaco ".
A group of young men stand around , an old man eats and smokes a pipe. Children twirl around for the camera . Women , bare breasted, one with a baby, middle aged and old women pose for the camera, one woman carries a baby on her back. Another group of women stand around , some with children, some pregnant. A man makes a spear or an arrow. Three men drink and smoke. Women collect water from a lake. A woman makes a net. A white man gives food to children sitting on the ground. They appear to say grace. Children jump into the lake. Gauchos saddle a mule and ties boxes and parcels to it, they fall off and the scene is quite comic as the mule runs off. So, they tie the mule to a post. Drinking Caraguata plant. Young men shoot arrows at a small target. " Team wrestling - Challenging all Comers ". White man with group around the camp fire outside straw roofed hut. Women men and children come out of primitive church.

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