Film: 6651

Railways | 1950 | Silent | Colour


New Forest Railway. Amateur home movie footage of a railway station. Exterior of the station with a car park in front. A grey van is parked outside. The station is probably Westmoore. A shot inside the ticket office through the open door. The platform and tracks curve round to the right hand side, and in the distance two men can be seen crossing the track by foot with brown sacks which they throw onto the opposite platform.
A steam train approaches the station pulling timbered and open wagons. Another locomotive approaches the platform from the other direction. Shots of a long train of passenger carriages as the engine departs through the station. Another passenger train steams towards the station. A ticket machine is on a white washed wall. Tickets cost 2d.
A man waits at Holmsley station as a passenger train approaches. Various further shots of trains passing through stations. The driver of locomotive 82028 talks to onlookers from his cab (we see only the engine driver).
Shots of Breamore railway station - its buildings and platforms. The sign outside the ticket office reads "Closed", although the door is open and we can see through onto the platform. A wider shot of the exterior reveals two large black cars parked outside. An exterior brick work staircase leads down to the side of the track, and a brick arched road bridge goes overhead. The sign by the side of the track is a warning to stop, look and listen before crossing. This station is Fordingbridge. General shots of the platforms and the station's outbuildings.
A train passes through the station at Verwood, and guards in uniform wait at a larger station as a passenger train approaches.

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