Film: 6652

Entertainment + Leisure | 1960 | Sound | Colour


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Wide selection of gardens and gardening.
Starts with talking about Chelsea Flower Show. Crowds at the show, wooden sided greenhouse. Pan across water garden. Huge array of pink carnations. Pink rose and red rose. Inside marquee with pretty flowers displayed. Old women talk. Tulips. Road-side garden centre, with children in play area on swings. Assistant helps customers. Sign says 'Instant Garden'. Snack bar at the garden centre with serving hatch being the window of a static caravan. Garden centre assistant wheels trolley by with two potted azaleas on it. Lifting pink flowered azaleas into bay. Shrub garden fringing lawn. Battery-operated lawn mover. Woman fits grass box and mows with lawn mower. Experimental remote controlled mower made by Webb. Man uses control panel to enable mower to run. Man sitting on motor mower cutting lawn. Man uses battery operated hedge trimmer. Using a lawn edging machine, a battery operated trimmer.
Commercial horticulture, plastic bubble greenhouse. Man weeds outside greenhouse, he pulls up grass, woman enters greenhouse via double door air-lock. Fans and louvres ventilate bubble greenhouse. Picking strawberries in greenhouse and storing them in punneys. Ranks of horticultural greenhouses. A nursery in Hertfordshire. Man tending to pot plant. Hydrangea. Greenhouse planting is mechanised - using a small rotavator type of tilling cultivator machine, mixing compost. Woman planting cuttings. Large greenhouses. Picking plants. The Glasshouse Groups Research Institute near Littlehampton. Chrysanthemums. Tomato plants. Testing plants. Collecting pollen, dusting pollen onto another plant. Striped tomato 'Tiger Tom'. Woman cuts tomato in half.
Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre at Oxford. Elderly man with walking stick uses specially adapted hoe in bed of Lupins. Disabled woman in wheelchair gardens at raised beds. Man bends over raised bed. Woman picks flowers with stick. Woman in wheelchair uses double handled scoop to pick up garden waste. She places this in wheelbarrow held by young boy. Boy only has one arm; he may be a thalidomide victim.
National Garden Centre at Sion House, Brentford. Outdoor gardening. Planting, feeding plants. Following a plan. Using a digger. Leonardslee Gardens, car enters gates, near Horsham. Rhododendrons in the spring. People on wooden bridge. Poster for the Chelsea Flower Show. People entering exhibition site. Programme selling stall. Garden furniture made of stone. Tool displays including edge trimmer and weed killer spray. Pretty displays under canvas.

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