Film: 6663

Industry + Work | 1960 | Sound | Colour


Banks and Banking.
Panoramic sweep across rolling English countryside to tune of 'Greensleeves'. Country church. Thatched cottage. Geese by village pond with thatched cottage in background. Cut to pan out from man with moustache as he talks into intercom. Modern 1960's music. Office junior drops tray of tea on floor. Man at bank counter hits head on counter as he bends to pick up pound notes he has dropped. Female cashier looks worried. He walks out, doesn't look where he's going and bumps into taller, younger man outside. This angry young man pulls off in car and nearly knocks cyclist off his bike. Dog barks. Angry exchanges. Dog bites man's sleeve. Woman gives her opinion. Man is worried. Pre-school age children in playground. Boy steps from log to log. Three children suck lollypops. Boy on 'space hopper'. Boy on tricycle gives girl a ride. Boys play with sand. Girls with dolls, boys wrestle. Very good City gent in bowler hat meets two others, also in bowler hats in street. Longish sequence. Close-up of handshakes (Masonic?). Man on telephone smiles. Frumpy woman says, "Bye!" and puts receiver down. Tidies her hair and smells a rose. She is happy. Making the right impression is important. Close-up of cashier stamping cheque, writing cheque; turning cheque over and starting to write on back of it. Girl in red plastic coat. Man with pipe. Cashier unhappy when calls woman a man; she pulls a face. Train pulls into St. Pancras station, London. Commuters on platform walking. Close-up of feet on marbled floor walking. Feet enter door marked 'Manager'. Women smile. Older, seated man indicates something on paper to younger, standing man. Overworked woman answers the telephone with brusque "Hullo...Oh! For Heaven's sake...!" Right and wrong way to answer telephone - good example follows (in contrast). Queue of customers wait for cashier. Making book tidy, putting paying-in slips in tray, providing newspapers. Cashier smiles at customer. Bag of money handed through counter in close-up. Tray of pre-decimal coinage. Wads of £10 and £1 notes taken out of tray. Close-up of hands counting change. Money-weighing machine in close-up; putting bag on it. Scale, marked 'Accept'. Counting stacks of coins. Man uses intercom to speak to secretary; they smile. Office junior with tea tray. 'Greensleeves' tune, as people smile a lot. Man still walks into door and hits head.

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