Film: 6666

Shipping | 1940 | Silent | B/W


Shot of fishmongers and poulterers. Open fronted, customers choosing food, close up of produce. Map showing main fishing grounds in Northern hemisphere. Fishing boat at sea. Long shot of boat, view of boat, sea from deck. Man on deck mending nets. Nets being lifted and checked. Fishing grounds north Bear Island in Arctic Ocean. Men haul nets overboard into the sea. Lots of seagulls floating in sea, flying about ship. Nets lowered and boat moves slowly ahead. Close up of speed control, rope and pulley. Bow of boat cutting through water. Moving diagram of how fish are caught in net during trawling. Hundreds of seagulls alongside trawler. Nets being hauled in, waves breaking overside of boat. Lots of men with hooks synchronised pull in net . Lots of shots of fishermen in waterproofs and gloves. Net full of fish attached by gulls and hauled onto deck. Fish released from net into deck. Fish being sorted by men into huge sections on deck. Man in wheelhouse in fisherman's jumper, smoking cigarette. Men gutting fish on deck. Trawling at night, nets brought in, fish sorted, gutted, stored. Boat returning home one week later, men talking, drinking tea, looking at sea. Trawler comes into dock. People shovelling ice into crates. Busy quayside scene. Fish unloaded in baskets swing between trawler and quayside. Men catching baskets, emptying fish into crates and swinging them back. Crates moved into warehouse. Billingsgate Market, London. Fish brought in crates. Fishmongers buy crates, crates loaded and then view of local fishmongers seen at start of film. Lots of women, with children, prams, motorcycle on town's highstreet.

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