Film: 6669

Places + Locations | 1930 | Silent | B/W


Canada, North America.
Bear and cubs in Jasper National Park, Canada. Foraging, climbing trees, eating, being fed by a man beside large lake. Jasper Station, train pulls in. Bear watching from tree-top. Close ups of bear eating and climbing trees. Bear entering wig-wam, teepee. People watching bear from car. Bear running across open land, golf course, mock fighting. Stealing food from bin on golf course. Walking across course, interrupting people playing. Large group of bears searching for food, scratching, with empty can of marmalade, climbing up ladder to man on roof who is feeding them, sniffing man on park bench. Bear swimming in lake, eating, scratching. Close up of bears, bear up tree. Superb shots of docile but wild bears in Canadian National Park.

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