Film: 6670

Adverts | 1970 | Sound | Colour


An advert for Clarksons European package holidays by Tristar jet with a very 1970's feel with scenes of people holidaying on the beach and at a hotel, followed by a display of the onboard comforts of the TriStar jet, owned by Court Line airlines.

Close-up of suntanned thighs, white bikini bottoms - the woman applies suntan cream first to thigh, then upper arm, then stomach. Cut to a waiter's hand about to pour a bottle of champagne, then back to the woman, who lies back on a sandy beach, with her arms behind her head. She is wearing a white bikini, has blonde hair and is very darkly tanned. Waiter's hand pouring glasses of champagne on a tabletop. View of holidaymakers - two men and two women - seated round the table, it looks like they're on the terrace of a hotel - the sea is visible in the background. They are dressed fairly casually in 70's style clothes - one man sports a full beard, the other shoulder-length hair. Soundtrack consists of a contemporary song eg of lyics "I'm kicking off those winter chills - I'm paying no more doctor's bills". Close-ups of each woman drinking the champagne, looking very relaxed.
An orange-painted passenger plane flies through the sky. Two glasses of champagne are on the chequered tablecloth. There's a big splash of water in the sea. Close-up of blonde-haired woman's tanned face as she turns her face. The clean-shaven man drinks from a tall glass, the out-of-focus face of a woman beside him, who also takes a sip of a similar drink which looks like orange juice. Close-up of a woman's bikini-clad bottom as she walks along, followed by a close-up of her bare feet walking away from us through the shallows on the beach. She walks along the shore, holding hands with a man who is wearing cream-coloured trousers, rolled up on the legs. Another close-up of the woman drinking from a glass of orange juice.
A man sitting on the beach next to a stripey deck-chair, shows two toddlers, one blond, one dark-haired something indiscernable in his hand. People walk past in the background. Close-up of a man with curly brown hair and a small moustache eating a slice of melon, the sea in the background - he talks to a companion, also eating melon, who is just visible.
Scene of people spalshing about in a hotel swimming pool. A group of people drink from glass bottles - beer and Pepsi?
Another shot of the melon man's face, laughing, with the sea behind him. An older couple (the man has white hair and glasses), both wearing shorts and flip-flops walk briskly along the edge of the surf. A plump lady walks along, alone, then another couple - two older women in bikinis, viewed from above as the waves wash in around their feet. They walk past the plump lady, who is going in the opposite direction. Close-up of woman's face, she is being served drinks at a table in a restaurant setting, a waiter pours drinks for her and her companions as they chat and eat - other tables filled with people are visible in the background. Another view of the orange plane, flying through the sky. Close up of man, sitting at a table in the restaurant, taking a drink from a small glass of red wine.
Woman and young child sitting at the edge of a swimming pool, the child is holding a spotty beach ball, the woman hepls him hold it, then throw it into the pool.
People playing in the shallows at the beach, a woman rolls off her lilo and into the sea. Close-up of a young dark-haired woman's face. Scene of hotel swimmimg pool, with circular sunshades, and people sunbathing round the edge. The camera pans to a couple sitting on their hotel balcony.
Close-up of an advertsisng sign, blue background with white lettering saying 'Clarksons', inside an arrow design, camera pulls out to reveal two young people sitting at a table, drinking, an orange towel is folded on the table in front of them. A clean-shaven man (but with large sideburns!) takes a drink of what looks like beer from a glass. We see the man sitting at restaurant table, drnking with four other peolple, dressed in swimwear. A woman lies on her back on the beach, sunbathing, watching the world go by. Close up of a woman's face, wearing sunglasses. Another shot of the plane - well it’s the same one again. Two close-up shots of women taking off their sunglasses. Camera pans across a clear blue sky, and looks up to the orange jet airliner flying overhead, then repeat of shot of jet flying past. Writing on screen says 'Court Line introduce the TriStar'. Shot of the stairs placed next to the plane, with the banisters automatically elevating from the sides, each step has 'Clarksons' written on it. Holidaymakers climb the stairs, then we watch them entering the plane, the doors flanked by air stewardesses (wearing jaunty little hats and dark blue uniforms) who greet the boarding passengers. Close up of blonde haired, pretty air hostess greeting passengers. An adult passenger and a stewardess help a child into their seat, shot of stewardesses head, in front of the overhead luggage storage, She walks down the aisle, and stops to help an older lady do up her seatbelt. Another close-up of her as she chats to passengers, cut to view from the front of the first row of passengers sitting in their orange seats - this to show the spaciousness of the aeroplane's interior. View of pilot and co-pilot inside the cockpit whilst plane is in flight, image is rather dark and the interior is in shadow, the pilots nothing more than silhouettes. View from the window whilst plane is in flight of the jet engine, with the 'RR' Rolls Royce insignia visible on its surface. Interior of spacious-looking galley with two stewardesses - one takes items from a cupboard and puts them on her trolley, the other wheels her trolley towards a door. The hostesses take more items from the cupboards, one wears dark blue trousers, the other a short dark blue skirt, and both wear light-blue short-sleeved shirts. One hostess pushes her trolley through the galley doors. Back inside the cockpit, a pilot talks into his intercom, his message is picked up by the hostess in the galley, who then enters a narrow lift and rises out of shot as the lift ascends. Close-up view of the duty-free trolley with large packs of cigarettes on top.The stewardesses offer cigarettes and bottles of spirits to the passengers in their seats. View from the window of the plane out to a mountain range below. A smart middle aged man dressed in a suit sips from his drink and places it on the fold-down tray and takes a brochure from the pocket on the back of the seat in front of him. A woman and two children sit in near darkness, we watch the film they are watching from behind their heads. The Court Line TriStar flies past in its orange livery, the final scene with title 'Court Line First in Europe with TriStar'

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