Film: 6672

Places + Locations | 1940 | Sound | B/W


Streets in Lima, Peru, South America.
Life of one family in an Andean village.
Cusco and Machu Picchu.

San Martin Square, Metro Cinema. Club "De La Union" building. Street (Jiron de la Union). Main Square (Armas Square), Government Palace (President's residence).
Banks and wealthy people. Offices. Interior University "San Marcos". Mansion (Arequipa Avenue). Archbishopric Palace with wooden balconies / Pizarro's monument.
"Lima, capital of Peru… established by Pizarro more than four centuries ago… centre of political, commerce, education… inhabited by people of Spanish lineage… much in common with other modern cities… banks of international trade… offices… San Marcos University founded in 1551… "

Mountains. Machu Picchu (Machu Pichu). Sacsayhuaman ruins. General view of Machu Pichu. Several shots of Machu Picchu. Andean people going up stirs in Machu Picchu.
"But in the remote Andes we find reminiscence of another glory… Inca Empire… constructions remain… but the civilization vanished long time ago… Incas… highly organized… now the proud descendants of the Incas".

Cusco: Korikancha / Coricancha building ( Spanish Monastery / Inca Temple foundations). Narrow streets, market, potatoes, blankets, sandals from tyres (ojotas), pottery.
"In Cusco city, capital of the Inca Empire… stands a monastery built on top of an Inca Temple… Cusco is still an Indian city… narrow streets bordered with masonry… traditions have preserved...

Village. Adobe dwelling. Man sitting outside his house chewing coca leaves. Boy leading a llama. Men and women at work using rudimentary tools, digging fields, ploughing with oxen. Girl gathering fertilizer.
".. Indian villages.. Traditional family work together… a dwelling of adobe (clay brick)… grandfather chewing leaves… boy with llama passes by… the rest of the family working in the fields…"

Earthenware pot and drinking water. Meal, eating in open, vegetable stew (potatoes), no cutlery. Good faces.
"… a needed refreshment is brought to workers in a typical earthware pot… they get prepared for the midday meal eaten in the field… from a large earthward pot, mother serves… vegetable stew, mainly with potatoes… they eat without fork or spoons and they drink the liquid straight from the dish…"

Woman, flock of llamas and alpacas in pasture. Woman weaving a small strip. Homes. Women spinning outside their houses. Two women with looms.
"Meanwhile… llamas in pasture… woman weaving… women of the village spinning… women sit down all day weaving… techniques…"

Butcher hanging meat. Woman crushing corn with large stone. Man taking bread of oven. Lots of people in the market. Selling potatoes, hats.
"… butcher, baker, weaver, grinder of corn… all contributes to the closeness village life… the market… ancient ways here continue to find expression… "

Woman leading the flock llamas from the field back to the village. House. Every member of the family arriving home. CU llamas.
"… from the village in the morning… to the village at night...routine…"

Women walking in the street without shoes, carrying their babies on the back. Women arriving to the fields. Llamas and donkeys.
Men crossing the bridge, arriving to the village. People leaving the village. People arriving to Cuzco. Cathedral in Cuzco. They all go to the church, priest outside. Market. Group of men talking and chewing coca leaves.
Large crowds in village square ( across in the centre of the square).
Machu Picchu.
Most of the men of the village went to work in mines…they leave the women to work in the fields… the women are the ones who bring the crops to maturity… at harvest time… men returning from 'white man's mines'. The whole family gather together to share the harvest… gifts are brought back for the women…celebrations… pilgrimage to Cuzco… from every village… reunion… they go to church… group of people chewing leaves and gossiping…"


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