Film: 6674

Science | 1950 | Sound | B/W


A scientific film showing five basic experiments with a condenser and electrostatic charges.

Experiment 1: A man fastens a stick with strips of paper at a condenser. The strips of paper hang down. He sets the condenser in operation. The strips of paper are lifted and form the shape of a bowl because of their electrostatic charge. The man brings his hands close to the stripes. They are attracted by the hand. The man establishes a contact between the two plates of the condenser, and the strips lose their charge and hang down again.

Experiment 2: The man puts a kind of a small metallic propeller on a metallic point. When he sets the condenser in operation (that is fastened to the metallic point), the propeller starts to spin, then becomes very fast.

Experiment 3: A cage with balls in it is connected to the condenser, top and bottom of the cage each to a plate. The condenser is set in operation. The balls move very fast to the top, fall down to the ceiling, move to the top.

Experiment 4: A metal ring with spikes and a powder are placed in the cage. When the condenser is set in operation, the powder stars to move upwards and vanishes finally.

Experiment 5: A plate with pieces of metal on it is placed on the point. When the condenser is set into operation, the plate begins to spin very fast.

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