Film: 6676

Industry + Work | 1940 | Sound | B/W


Re-planning a coal field. Lanarkshire colliery, Scotland. Aerial views of railroads, colliery machinery. Slag heaps. Boring equipment. Lots of disused and semi-ruined pits and mines, men leaving Lanakshire colliery. Chairman of Scottish coalboard, delivering speech from behind desk. Looking straight at camera. Man lying down shovelling coal in wet mine shaft. Men pushing coal carts, men leaving mine. Close up of tatty shoes, trousers going down flight of steps. Mechanised coal carts and machinery. Two men look at map looking thoughtful, marking points. Welsly Pit, Fife. Above ground machinery and men working. Groups of miners talking and listening to speech. "Men in suits" having a committee meeting. Men smoking pipes, people arguing, gesticulating. Talking about pit closures. Building of new colliery houses. Old rows of colliery housing with washing and children outside. New houses. New towns being planned men look at open farmland with map in hand. Miner and wife packing a bag, people running along beach, waves breaking, lapping on beach. Ice skaters skating, ice hockey game. Children in playground on slide. Playing golf. Removal van, people in doorway colliery machinery and buildings, fields and cattle.

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