Film: 6677

Industry + Work | 1960 | Sound | B/W


The Somerset Coal field: Map showing Somerset pits, view of countryside, ....... Hills, Radstock, Midsommer Norton ruins. Dried up Somerset coal canal, railway. Jolly Collier pub. Man talks of pit history, working and closed. Working and derelict pits. Countryside shots, view of the grave-yard, traffic at a level crossing, woman pushing pram down street, cyclist. Norton-Radstock Urban District Council. Mis-identified engineer, who is more likely Ron Bartlett, Labour Party chairman of the Norton Radstock District Council. Midsomer Norton, shopping centre. Houses under construction, different streets full of houses. Girls playing rounders outside Secondary modern school, primary children running around playground. New technical college. People (many women) leaving works factory. Man in allotments. Woman with umbrella and shopping bag on wheels. Car park. New colliery buildings under construction. Coal being mined, conveyer belt, men underground. Old miners. Row of houses. Old man reading paper. Old lady washing hands. Close up of wellies/wellington boots. Man planting young tree. Dirt from colliery being emptied into valley. O.S. map showing pits. Miners arrive from other areas. Council houses, chalet homes. Rugby. Football, pitch being mowed. People talking to camera. Old steam engine. View of town.

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