Film: 6678

Industry + Work | 1950 | Sound | B/W


Surface Training: Kent, Snowdon colliery. Men coming off shift. Colliery football team training, jog around field, practising passes and footwork, goalscoring and saving.
Gloster Getter: Northamptonshire. Men shovelling coal onto conveyor belt in mine, mechanised mining machines. The Gloster Getter - new cutter/loader. Men setting up and using machine. Men putting up ceiling supports. Coal cutting, conveyor belts.
Hothouse: Oxford and Yorkshire. National Coal Board mine rescue ambulance. Mine on fire. Men in suits and gas masks sealing shafts and putting out fire. View of Oxford spires and Colleges. Oxford University Department of Human Anatomy. Men in white coats. Scientist working, smoking cigarette. Rescue man doing exercise test, his breath being monitored etc. Attached to lots of wires and medical apparatus. Doncaster and District Rescue Station. Room kept at 120 degrees centigrade for tests; lots of engines, machines. Man with briefcase and raincoat over arm. Volunteer being weighed and examined by doctor. Being fitted to different types of breathing apparatus, nose peg. Measurement of skin temperature. Man enters hothouse, walking round room with 50lb sack. Being observed through window by scientist. Scientists taking readings from man doing test. Men giving 'thumbs up' sign.

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