Film: 6679

Industry + Work | 1960 | Sound | B/W


Rapid Transport: miners in dark underground, underground train in tunnel. Miners travel along tunnel on hanging seats. Men lifting pieces of rail track. Hi-tech. electrical switches, lights, knobs etc. Automated transport for materials underground. Men moving materials by hand. Transport of materials above ground and going down shaft.
Marian Pickering: County Durham. miner leaving after his shift, goes home to 17-year old daughter, Marian, one of Britain's top gymnasts. Shot of all her trophies. Showing and teaching gymnastics to children in school. Marian performing 'beam' routine. Father and mother walking down street of semi-detached houses.
River of Coal: Yorkshire. Penbridge electricity-generating station, concrete cooling towers. Wagon trains full of coal, coal barges in docks. Hopper control room. View of station machinery and pylons. New river wharf and process of unloading coal. Large tug pushing three barges of coal. Lifted out of water emptied and returned to water. Electricity station control room. Huge turbines in generating halls. Coal slag heap. View of power station from river.

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