Film: 6680

Industry + Work | 1950 | Sound | B/W


Glamorgan - Land of His Fathers: Bedwas colliery. President of Australian Mining Federation, I. Williams, back in Wales after 35 years, inspects conditions of mine. Lots of miners in hard hats. Touring hospital ward with doctors and nurses, patients with lung problems. Experimental equipment and x-rays showing fall in deaths from 'dust disease '. Miner being x-rayed in mobile unit.
Lancashire - Shearer Loader: Snowy scene, birds footprints in snow. Crontown colliery, showing Anderton Shearer Loader being constructed; men assembling heavy machinery. Engineers and draughtsmen at work, drawing. Anderton Shearer Loader mining coal underground.
North Wales - Flint - Sands of Dee: Point of Ayr colliery. Coal being loaded onto ships on the River Dee, loading into lorry. Look at new shaft. Men going underground in large 'bucket' lift. Coal being brought up in small wagons. Methane gas pipes, large coal furnaces, gas holder. New power plant. Large gas or diesel engines for electricity generation.

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