Film: 6684

War + Military | 1940 | Sound | B/W


World war Two Canadian Army Newsreel
Attack on Rouen in France and temporary bridges are erected. "Dead Germans are good Germans " and Dead Horses and covered dead people. Celebrating the entry of the Canadians into Rouen.

Troop trucks drive along the road to a village. Tanks move towards the River Seine, some of the tanks have branches and bushes on them. Some French people stand on the roadside and wave as the tanks go by, largely women and children. Jeeps drive through the main street of a town. A French collaborator is marched at gunpoint with his hands over his head. Refugees and people who left the town start to come back. A huge wagon pulled by two draft horses and filled with old ladies and babies and household goods. Turned over cars, scrap metal lies beside the road. People go through the garbage lying on the roadside, trying to salvage what they can. Two mangy ducks drink water out of pail. A group of wagons that had been commandeered and then bombed. A dead horse still attached to the wagon on the side of the road. A dead German soldier lying in the road. Increased scenes of destruction. Covered bodies lie on the road. Twisted pieces of metal, abandoned guns and vehicles. The bridge detroyed. The Royal Canadian Engineers build ferries to transport vehicles and equipment across the river, complete with motors. Aerial views of pontoon bridges across the Seine. Tanks drive across the pontoon bridges. The Engineers move the rock at one end. Canadian drive or walk into Rouen. The Rouen Cathedral, around it is completely bombed. People line the streets as the troops pour in. Some of the cars are mobbed by the crowd as they celebrate. Collaborators come out of one of the buildings around the city square, shorn and branded.

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