Film: 6687

Medicine | 1940 | Silent | B/W


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Brain Damage.
Three and a half year-old girl with anoxia. Wriggles naked on cushion. Close up of arm motion, also hands. child struggles and cries when picked up by nurse. Unable to hold pencil. Watches blankly as keys jangled in her face. Six months later, again wriggles on bed. Close up of response to keys. this time child seems more alert, twitches. Nine months after anoxia, contracture of right leg is ischaemic, attempts to slot wooden blocks onto peg, smiles into camera. Two years after anoxia, sits naked with plaster on leg, can hold pen offered by nurse. Nurse holds child upright, child sits on stool. Case two. Ten year-old, two years after anoxia. Sits naked on chair, simpleton-like expression, vague response to dangled keys illustrating eye complaint, beams. Sits behind illustrations of train, yacht and house, points at them. Close up of leg and foot movements. Close up of foot being scratched with pin. Child limps across room, tries to follow chalk-marked line. Close up of bandy legs.

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