Film: 6693

Medicine | 1950 | Silent | B/W


Physically handicap, disabled, nine year old male patient. In shot with titles describing diagnositic posture, etc. He staggers across screen. Close up of legs. Attempts to walk around chair sits in chair with outstretched arms. Unbuttons shirt. 'Finger nose test' - touches nose, then fingertip, of doctor to demonstrate tremor. 'Knee ankle test' - tries to touch knee with ankle. Close up of eyes to show 'nystagmus'. Bangs legs alternately to show lack of co-ordination. Doctor holds boy's arm. Boy pulls, doctor lets go: patient hits himself in face. Muscular hypotonia - doctor shakes boy's arm. 'Knee jerk' reaction. Barany's pointing test - moves arms in vertical plane, one deviates towards lesion. Hospital logo of St. Mary's Hospital.

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