Film: 6698

Farming + Rural Life | 1920 | Silent | B/W


Ostrich farming for the fashion industry

Cawston ostrich farm, exterior view (possibly in U.S.A). Paddock full of ostriches. Ostriches feeding. 'The Newlyweds' pair of mated birds in own enclosure. Man grabs hold of Ostrich's wing and pulls it towards him, showing feathers. Clutch of eggs in hollow on the ground. Group of ostrich's ducking heads. Male giving mating display. Group of birds drinking. Man feeding oranges to the ostriches. Man pulls black cover off an ostriches head. Ostrich pulling a cart. Exterior view of hatchery. Batch of eggs. Room full of bottles, buckets (dying room?) Feathers hanging outside on washing line. Woman with large fan made of feathers.

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