Film: 6699

Industry + Work | 1940 | Sound | B/W


This film is a dramatised documentary promoting the activities of banks and banking.

A street North African market. Traders sit on the ground selling their goods. A man, probably a seller argues the price with a woman. General view of the market. A large group of European people. Close up of a newspaper being bought. Close up of a hand with metal coins. Close up of a bank note used to buy cigarettes. Close up of a bank note and of some coins. Buying a Marconi phone. Delicatessen. Close up of the till machine being used by the Delicatessen owner (Mr Parma). Another view of the Delicatessen full of people. Close up of Mr Parma picking up two bags full of money, he takes them to a "safe cupboard". View of the safe cupboard which is already full. Close up of a hole under the floor, money and a bag are placed there. A lorry carrying a large fridge and the words "International Trading Corporation" delivers the fridge to Mr Parma. Close up of the bill (500 pounds). Mr Parma carries a wheelbarrow full of money bags, he is escorted by two policemen down the road. Close up of the money bags in the wheelbarrow. Mr Parma hands over the money in the wheelbarrow to another man in an office probably at the International Trading Corporation. Mr Parma collects the money collected in the till machine into a leather bag and walks out of the Delicatessan. View of the "Midland Bank LTD". Mr Parma walks into the bank. In the bank, he hands over the money in his bag and a paying in book to the cashier. Money is counted, by the cashier who writes the amount in the paying in book. A typist types in the amount of money deposited into Mr Parma's account. Close up of the statement. A woman counts money at a cashier's point. Typist typing. Mr Parma receives his bank statement. Close up of the bank statement. Close up of the cheque book. Close up of a cheque being written. A short animation describing how a cheque is used, then cashed and then cleared. Close up of a cheque for 500 pounds. This cheque is given as payment at the International Trading Corporation, it is then taken to the bank and the amount entered on the pay in book. A batch of cheques is dispatched to the clearing system where women sort out the cheques according to banks. Close up of a "Midland bank " cheque. The cheques are being photographed. The cheque arrives at the "Midland Bank". Close up of cheques being canceled to show that the bank has received them. The signatures are compared with specimen signatures. The cheque is checked against the account. 500 pounds are entered into the debit column. The new balance is shown. Mr Parma checks his account statement againsts his canceled cheques (paid cheques). Close up of the statement and of paid cheques. Two men walk up a staircase and into a room (architects). Mr Parma is shown architectural plans and an estimate of the cost. Close up of the cost and of the plans. Mr parma walks out onto the road carrying the plans. He walks into the Midland Bank and goes to see the manager. The bank manager examines the plans and Mr Parma hands over his life assurance policy and the deeds to his delicatessen. Mr Parma leaves the bank with a loan secured. Builders arive at a new delicatessen location. Mr Parma in his newly opened delicatessen.

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