Film: 6709

Industry + Work | 1970 | Sound | Colour


A young man wearing a brown jacket and tie walks out of a newsagents and towards the camera. He has a bundle of newspapers under his arm. He asks if 'you have ever thought about newspapers'. A newspaper and magazine stand on a pavement.

A newspaper office, mostly men with rolled-up shirtsleeves at desk. Female telephonists take dictation over large headsets and type the stories. Several story editors, some smoking, amend the copy in pen. Two picture editors look at a page. They point out where pictures should go. Three typesetters typing the copy into metal blocks. The blocks making up a page. The block is inked and the page is printed by hand to be checked for mistakes. Rolls of paper in store, one is on a fork lift truck. Printing presses being started. A finger pushes the button and a sign reading 'Ink On' lights up. The paper rolls turning. A machine operator folded newspapers on a conveyor, random ones are taken for checking. The papers are piled and bundles. Bundles are loaded into vans. A van with 'The Birmingham Post' on its side drives off to make a delivery. The van advertises an 'Election TV Guide'.

A newspaper seller, cigarette in mouth, on pavement. Papers being bought in a shop. A paper boy delivers a paper to a house. The sun pushed into a letter box. A man comes to a door and takes his paper from the boy, he calls him by name.

The presenter outside the newsagents walks towards the camera. He says the papers tell us what is happening. He is a teacher and back in his classroom he shows The Birmingham Post to the children because the school football team's photograph is in it. One boy recognises himself and says he scored three goals.

A photograph from an old newspaper. Schoolboys cut up old newspapers for their scrapbooks. One boy has a scrapbook of cars. Another boy spells his name from newspaper letters. A girl makes a line of newspaper people. A boy with glasses folds and cuts newspaper to make a pattern.

A girl rolls a newspaper from the corner to make a tube. They fold and join other tubes to make animals and human figures. Two children paste has dried, they burst the balloon and a head shape is left. One 'head' has hair and features painted on it. Papier mache being made in buckets. A child squeezes the paste into a cat. Models made by the children; a chessboard, an aeroplane and a smoking volcano.

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