Film: 671

Feature Comedy | 1910 | Silent | B/W


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Slapstick comedy set in a dynamite or gun powder factory.

Prof. Ben Zeen owns the factory. The workers in the factory throw balls of explosives around. Maggie Zeen is Ben's daughter. She smells a vase of flowers. A fly is stuck to her nose. She screams and flicks the fly off and it lands on her fathers nose. She flicks it off his nose. Ben Zeen's brother is an old farmer in the country. A man is known as a Flycatcher, he wears a bowler hat. The Flycatcher catches flies in a little net. Then he takes them to a stream. He stands in the stream and drops the flies in. He waits for a fish. The fish jumps at the fly and the Flycatcher tries to hit the fish with a piece of wood. He catches many fish this way. Ben Zeen's brother comes along. He asks the Flycatcher is he has caught many fish. He lists all the fish he has caught. Ben's brother discloses that he is in fact a US Fish and Game Warden and tells the Flycatcher to stop. The Flycatcher waits until the Warden has left then resumes fishing. The Warden catches him, but the Flycatcher escapes by pushing the Warden into the stream. Back at the dynamite factory Mr W. Doubleyou tells the workers that they should demand more work and less pay or else go on strike. They decide they want Sunday afternoons off and 1/2 hour of overtime. They confront the factory owner, Ben Zeen. Doubleyou steps in and says he will stop the strike if Zeen gives him 99% of the business and his daughter's hand in marriage. Ben's brother the Warden turns up with the Flycatcher, who is going to be the workers foreman. The Warden sits down and is given a shave, long comic shaving sequence. The Flycatcher character goes into the powder factory and drops one of the ball containing explosives. It explodes and removes his outer clothing leaving him in his long-johns. He staggers around and frightens Maggie Zeen. Then he sees his reflection in a mirror and frightens himself.

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