Film: 673

Road Transport | 1890 | Silent | B/W


Mansion House. Electric car (long scene). Hyde Park Corner.
Ride on a horse bus (1924) from Trafalgar Square to Leicester Square. Excellent shot of pedestrians crossing London bridge to the city. Everyone is wearing hats, some bowlers, others a bit more modern, many men with umbrellas, large crowd on the pavement, all travelling to work.
Long travelling shot, London Bridge to city of London (towards Bank) c. 1910.
view of Trafalgar Square, c. 1925.
Details of London Streets in snow c. 1925. Open top buses.
Leeds street corner (Leeds Bridge) c. 1898.
speeded up commuter train and crowd, men, workers and bankers getting out of a train at the station all wearing hats.
(Southern Electric). London Bridge speed up shot of traffic and buses c. 1935.

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