Film: 6736

Entertainment + Leisure | 1950 | Sound | B/W


Father Christmas with elves, tree, Christmas night, one song. Snow is falling. An external shot of house window as smiling children rub condensation off a pane of glass to see out. Camera closes in on window revealing the contents of Santa's grotto. Santa behind desk with long white hair. Santa reading letters from children - elves working and making toys. Men chopping down trees. Turkey farm. Elves with monkey toy. Shopping street in American city. Man trips with a pile of presents in his arms - he drops them. A large blow-up clown towering above crowds followed by other floating animals - along Broad Avenue, New York, U.S.A. Christmas Eve at Santa's grotto - Santa with sack and red suit. Fireplace in wealthy household. A young daughter holds Christmas stockings as mother hangs them from the mantelpiece. Father decorates Christmas tree, older daughter hangs wreath in window, young son holds present. They gather round piano to sing. Full choir (boys) join in. Santa in sleigh above roofs. Brother and sister kiss each other good night, turn light off and get into their separate beds. Daughter adds note to her stocking. ' Santa - I have been a good girl' - she looks up chimney. Santa lands on a roof, goes down chimney and dusts himself down once out. He then reads a note. He then climbs back up the chimney with his bag which is now empty. Boy and girl leap up and down in their dressing gowns in front of their Christmas tree with presents laid beneath. They take stockings from mantelpiece. Girl gets doll and boy gets a rail road train and a scooter. Mum and dad and older daughter enter. They all join in and play with the train set. Camera moves through frost laden trees. Bells ring and sparkle.

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