Film: 6738

Social History | 1960 | Sound | Colour


Kitchen design and cleaniness and hygiene 1960's. How to be just perfect in the kitchen with a detailed explanation on how to do the dishes ( as if life wasn't short enough ! )
Messy fitted kitchen. Kitchen in a workshop. Kitchen design. Easy clean floor. Early dishwasher. Fridge. shopping unpacked. Choosing good food. Washing up. Cleaniness and safety, spilled saucepans. " Make sure your food is delicious to look at and nutrious " followed by shot of bowl of dull looking slodge. Orderly work surfaces. Fridge arrangement, frozen foods. Food mixes. Wear an apron, hair away from face. The oven, the ideal oven, inside the oven, cleaning ovens, gas cooker being washed. Fridge being washed. Cutting bread, throw away chipped plates. Well set tables, place mats, how to set a table. Washing dishes, how to do it, step by step.

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