Film: 6743

Natural History | 1930 | Silent | B/W


A study of all aspects of the Zoo, London 1930's
Elephant ride. Percy the penguin. Llama pulling a cart. Leopards eating. Little Nancy, a baby leopard. Cockatoo, hangs off his keeper's finger. Big brown bear in a pool of water. A small girl with a python snake wrapped around her (aah - the days before health and safety!) Children have rides on a camel's back. Lion cub. A polar bear waves at the camera. It jumps into a pool of water. Winnie the little Canadian brown bear. She is fed by a man and a little girl, she came over with the Princess Pats regiment in 1914 during World War One. The little girl feeds it with a spoon pats it on the head. A keeper keeps watch. Close ups of the bear licking out a bottle of condensed milk.

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