Film: 6747

Fashion | 1950 | Sound | B/W


An exercise film of the 1940s / 1950s that is aimed at women and given an extremely sexist element by the male voice over who goes on at length about ideals in womanhood !

Glamorous woman wearing an evening dress poses, like a fashion model, on a stage. She exits and is replaced by another woman similarly dressed. The voice-over tells us that these women are Hollywood actresses. Aren't they beautiful ? But they have to work hard to be attractive.
Three women wearing very little in a gym, a type of swimming costume. They use different exercise machines including a rowing machine. shot of woman using machine on which she extends and bends her back. Another woman enters and urges the woman to do their 'body building exercises'. First comes the 'bust exercises'. All four women stand and swing their outstretched arms from side to side. Next is the back-stroke. All the women are seen revolving their arms as they look seductively at the camera. The next exercise involves bending the arms in and pushing them, the bent arm back. This, apparently, strengthens the pectoral muscles resulting in a firm bust. The women are then directed to raise their arms together in front of them and open them to the count of ten. Next they lie down (and their high heeled shoes come into view which is very practical for exercising !), support their backs with their hands and begin to kick in all directions. They then lie on their backs and raise their legs, moving them in all directions. Rear view of woman undressing. Woman lying on bed, covered by a sheet, as another woman massages her arm. Masseuse applies oil to woman's thigh and rubs it vigorously and then pounds it with her fists. Massaging shoulders and neck and then her back. eventually reach her buttocks and there ia a close up of them being pounded (to break up the lactic acid).

Moving shot of woman that travels from her face and down her 'body beautiful' which she has worked so hard to achieve.

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