Film: 6754

Animation | 1910 | Silent | B/W


Animation. Mutt and Jeff. 1910's
Jeff has got undressed, hangs his trousers on chair and jumps over tail-board onto bed. Mutt enters and takes money from Jeff's wallet. Jeff is angry. Mutt walks off laughing. Jeff dreams that he dies. Angel pulls up on a comet at Jeff's chimney. Angel descends, and then ascends chimney followed by Jeff. Jeff gets on comet which is whisked off with lots of bangs and stars. Jeff circles higher and higher through clouds to Heaven. At the gate of heaven, he knocks. "Who's there?" "It's Jeff, St. Peter." St. Peter is actually Mutt. He doesn't want to enter Heaven if Mutt is there, so he dives down to Hell. 'Abandon hope all ye who enter here' is written on door. Little black devil appears and disappears, each time stabbing Jeff in the backside with his trident. Jeff turns round, but the devil has gone. After the third time, the devil stays. Jeff explains that he wants to go to Hell because Mutt is in Heaven. The door opens and Mutt as the Devil appears. Jeff runs, Mutt throws his trident after him. Jeff flies up to the Pearly Gates and bangs them shut as Mutt pursues him. Mutt and Jeff look at each other through the gate. Mutt leaves and Jeff smiles. Mutt reappears as St. Peter and tells Jeff to get his wings, halo and harp and to get busy. An angel hands Jeff a couple of badly-shaped halos which don't fit, before supplying one on a stick. Jeff fits this down the back of his nightshirt. He collects a pair of wings and has them fitted. Man conducts angels as they play instruments and tap their toes. Jeff plays the harp badly and breaks the strings. Conductor is angry. Jeff wishes for a mouth-organ and gets one brought to him by an angel. He plays it, conductor is angry, but the other angels are happy. Black angel dances. Conductor complains to St. Peter. St. Peter (Mutt) throws harp at Jeff's head. Jeff wakes up with a bump on his head; Mutt has been throwing boots at him because he has been snoring. He holds his head.

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