Film: 6755

Animation | 1920 | Silent | B/W


Alice cartoon in which the actress of Alice is the only filmed part. 1920's The rest is animated. She is in China Town with her friendly black cat, Julius. An ogre appears out of a bottle of ink and strips the black fur from the cat. Alice turns and sees a white Julius and the ogre and bursts into a flood of animated tears. White cat dives under bottle of ink. Ogre dives out of ink bottle and catches Alice in a sack. The bad ogre now runs off. White cat drinks ink and turns black. He angrily chases off after ex-ogre character. Cat knocks on door, large hammer hits him. Cat pushes on door in futile. Runs at door, it disappears into wall. Cat is dazed. Cat emerges from fire hydrant. Chinese-looking mouse strolls up. Cat catches mouse and emerges disguised as Chinese. Knocks on door, mouse appears. Two characters talk in Chinese. Cat pulled inside and struggle ensues behind closed door. Cat escapes with large bag with (presumably) Alice inside. Five Chinese mice chase cat. Cat turns its tail into a wheel and unicycles. Mice form a group and charge after cat. Mice throw knives at cat who catches them and turns them into propeller. He takes off. Crashes into water and rows with another knife. Disappears under water, re-emerges on dry land on top of a pig which runs. Cat catches a lot more knives which he throws at mice and they all get pinned to the ground.

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