Film: 6756

Animation | 1920 | Sound + Silent | B/W


A nice little cartoon, from the 1920's. It shows Felix to be a bit of a cad, as he leaves the damsel in distress, upside down in the sand. Women beware!

Felix, a black cat with white paws and face, huffs and puffs as he wanders through a snow covered landscape, where trees are bare, rooftops are covered and snowflakes are falling. A billboard with the poster 'Visit Egypt'; there are palm trees, pyramids and the Sphinx on it; Felix looks at it as he shivers, his breath coming out in small clouds and seeing the poster, his mouth opens wide and his eyes buldge, as he blows a kiss and cries 'I'd give four of my lives to be there!', wandering behind the board.

In the distance houses are covered in snow; Felix hugs himself to keep warm as he approaches, via a snow covered pathway, an Antique shop; 'Br - r - r - r' appears over his head and O's come from inside the shop; Felix looks puzzled and his tail detaches itself to become a question mark and then returns to being a tail; Felix walks to the door and opens it.

Inside a man with a long, fat nose, and round open mouth is sobbing, his head bobs up and down; Felix approaches the man who puts his head in his hands, as O's begin to appear; Felix tugs at the ma's trouser leg as he looks up, the man looks down and appears surprised with wide eyes; Felix pretends to cry, points to the man, asking why he is crying, 'I just got word that my sweetheart is in the Sheki's clutches!'; he points to a letter and cries 'Oh! Allah!', as Felix covers his ears, the man begins to sob again; Felix thinks and a ? Appears over his head, as his tail lashes as his eyes see a notice on a rug; lines appear to show where he is looking and Felix jumps for joy. 'Original Magic Carpet, Arabian Nights Brand, Anyone repeating the magic word can fly all over the world..', says the tag as Felix looks at it close up. He jumps and makes a star shape again, points to himself and says 'Don't wory! I'll go to Egypt and rescue her!'; the man looks up; both look at the carpet, 'Alakazan' cries Felix, nothing happens and the two characters form a ? In the space between them; Gezundheit', tries Felix, but again the carpet does not stir, so he stratches his head, shakes it, raises a finger and then shouts an Arabic word which appears overhead, in a bubble; the carpet begins to move, moves to the floor, where Felix shakes hands with the man, shouts 'To Egypt' and gets on.

He travels over roofs covered in snow, fields and the carpet, moves up and down in time with the music. In a desert seting, two palm trees stand, with pyramids to their left and behind them, with a stone in front; Felix lands, looks around, gets off and rols the carpet up, which causes the stone to momentarily disappear; 'Now to find the girl!', says Felix, who has dotted lines come from his eyes and stop on the stone; he picks it up, astonished, with three '!!!' appearing overhead. It has Egyptian symbols on, birds, stick people, the sun; they eventually disappear in the rock and re - emerge in English, 'Am captive in Sheik's tent across the nile. Help. Fatima'.

Felix shivers as he stands next to the Sheik's tent, which as his name on a sign, above the flaps; he peers in. With his head between the two flaps he can see all that goes on; reclining on a bed is the Sheik, he is trying to smoke from a pipe attached to a bottle; he gets up and blows into the pipe, in the hope it will help, he gets a very red face at one point; he stratches his head, closes one eye and a round shape comes up the pipe, but returns to the bottle; the pipie then acts like a snake by moving up and down in mid air, finally falling to the ground and with a mouse emerging from the pipe; the Sheik is furious, his eyes buldge, he clenches his fists and the mouse taunts him by jumping on the bottle, doing ballet moves and jigs; the Sheik tries to catch him but fails, 'Ha Ha' appears over the mouses head, it moves in a circle and then kicks the smoking equipment away, 'He He', finally jumping into one of the two mouse holes in the ground; 'My kingdom for a cat!', houts the Sheik, putting his hands together to pray, as Felix creeps in, seeing his chance, tip toeing in; when the Sheik looks down a ? Appears over his head, Felix bows, saying 'at your service!' and the Sheik looks upwards and thanks Allah; he points to Felix and then the mouse holes; a mouse pops it head out, 'That desert rat!' cries the Sheik, but Felix just looks at it, with a small round mouth, as the mouse vanishes back into the hole; he points to himself and the Sheik goes to sllep on his bed, whilst Felix waits for the mouse.

He waits in between the two holes, but as he moves towards one the mouse appears from the other, Felix misses him as he turns round, meaning the mouse can appear from the first hole and pul Felix's tail down it, causing him to be on his back with his paws in the air; he waves them about, mangaes to get up and pulls his tail out, when he can, he jumps and turns round, looking like a predator, with one eye to a hole, but out of the other hole comes the mouse; Felix whizzes round and daggers go from his eyes to the mouse; proper daggers appear and they fight, like at a duel, jumping over one another, at one point Felix drops his dagger but the mouse gives it him back; Felix tries to stab the mouse who jumps in the air and disappears down a hole, Felix follows; flashes, 'Wow', stars and finally Felix emerges, grinning, brushes his paws, looks down the hole, sees the Sheik is still asleep and nods, 'Now's my chance!'; tip toeing past the sleeping Sheik he looks through a flap at another part of the tent.

Inside this section, a large woman is crying, with her tears making a stream that flows out of the tent; she is sitting head in hands, and Felix crouches down and as the woamn stops crying, puts a finger to his mouth 'Sh - sh', the woman looks up, her face is covered except her eyes by a burka, she looks surprised and opens her hands; Felix beckons her and getting up she prepares to folow. The Sheik is till asleep in the other room, but as Felix tells her 'Don't cry! I'm here to rescue you!!', he wakes up with a start, looks at Felix's tail, which is lashing and gets up. As the Sheik comes out of the back of the tent, Felix pushes Fatima out of the front of the tent, she is sitting down.

He pushes her and small dust clouds appear behind them as they move past pyramids; Fatima looks to be in shock and bumps along the ground. They reach the tree where the carpet lies for them, Felix points to her and then the carpet and says 'Now for home!', he says the Arabic word, which appears over his head and Fatima grows wide eyed, as the carpet opens and jumps in the air; Felix points to her and she tries to get on it, but her legs dangle in mid air, Felix tries to push her on. Outside his tent, the Sheik cries, looking at the sky with his hands together. Now on the carpet, Felix tries to pull Fatima on by pulling her trousers, she seems shocked and Felix shows signs of strain and then lines come from his eyes. The Sheik, is running towards themwith a sword. Felix drops Fatima, who lands in the sand, upside down and lands in the sand; nly her bottom can be seen so she looks like a bump in the landscape; Felix looks shocked and flies off leaving her to her fate.

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