Film: 6762

London | 1940 | Sound | B/W


Homefront in World War Two. Life goes on in Piccadilly despite the war.
Man hammering a Piccadilly tube sign into place, this isn't Piccadilly but then man says to his army friend it's a reminder of home. They lay next to each other on small truckle beds and talk about leave whilst smoking cigarettes. The man goes on to describe what Piccadilly is like...

Underground Piccadilly Circus, a tube train races by towards the camera, it halts and people alight. Several shots of people making their way to the surface, good signs. Escalators. Close ups of hands and feet on the steps and rail. Checking tickets.
Outside - STL bus, people getting on and off, very busy feel. Elevated shot of the Piccadilly Circus roundabout "like the spokes of a wheel". Elevated view down Haymarket to the south. Coventry Street. Shaftsbury Avenue. Regents Street. Illustration of what Regents Street looked like 100 years ago. Shot of people crossing the road on Lower Regents Street. Illustration of an older view of the same place. Pall Mall as it was 100 years ago fades to a shot of the street in 1944. Bow windowed shop fronts on St James'. 'Hooper and Co. (coachbuilders) Ltd'. 'Fortnum & Mason' sign. 'The Jermyn Street Shirt Maker' sign. Burberry sign. Double fronted bow fronted shop of St James'. Objects in windows, shoes. Corner of Green Park and Piccadilly. Exterior of the Royal Academy. View through the arch to the inner courtyard of Burlington House. Regents Street. Shoppers looking in windows. Jaeger shop. Mannequins. Shoes on display. More shots of Regents Street from the top of a building. Elevated view of traffic congestion. Cars and buses moving slowly around Piccadilly Circus. View from in the road with pedestrians trying to navigate between cars. Woman riding a bicycle. Horse drawn vehicles. Shots illustrating thelarge amount of people in the area - service personnel. Shoe shiner. Newspaper seller. Flower posy seller. Sailors. More service personnel. Friends greeting each other. Women and men in army uniforms. Exterior of the Café Royale. Interior of a posh restaurant with waitresses in black and white uniforms. Exterior of a Brasserie. Tudor Café. Restaurant Hellenique. Elevated views of people walking down narrow lanes.

Bomb sites. Barbican. Water tanks to fight fire bombs. Street shelters. Sandbagged restaurants. Borded up windows. Underground entrance. Lyons Corner House. Women on war work, woman bus conductor, clippie. Various shots of women in different uniforms. Men in uniform. Including black soldiers (shots lasts one second) and American soldiers. Rainbow Club. Newspaper stand with various war time headlines. US vehicles. Canadian Auxilery Services van. Adverts on buses. Man pasting a large poster up. Allied countries exhibitions. Several shots of afternoon traffic and people, illustrating home time. Crowd waiting at a bus stop. Travellers getting on a bus.

Elevate views of sunny parks and gardens around Piccadilly. Lots of women sitting on benches with crossed legs. Dogs. "The heart of cinema land" Cinema queues.
"Airforce " .Street artists. Monseigneur News Theatre. M.G.M film with Greer Garson and Ronald Coleman. " Gone with The wind ". "The Moon and Sixpence". "George Montgomery, Ann Rutherford, Glenn Miller and his band Orchestra wives. Theatre queues. " The bells Go Down " , . . Globe Theatre theatre queues. Rebecca at the Lyric theatre. Flare path. " What Every woman Knows ". The Petrified Forest. Buses. " Trade winds ".
Great shots of 1920s Piccadilly with open topped buses. Eros. More buses and cars. Night lights.
Blackout - "these are the lights of London now". A couple of illuminated letters, words and arrows. Underground sign. Underground ticket seller, ticket machines. Change being counted out. Telephone boxes. Couple meet inside station. Kiosk. Down the escalators. Window on Trains covered in Netting. Train leaves.

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