Film: 6764

Newsreels + Film Magazines | 1930 | Silent | B/W


Intertitle: Europe's Powder keg! Endless Spanish Rebellion is Source of Constant Concern to All Nations. Spanish civil war
Long shot of town (very dark and grainy) Longshot of mountain landscape. Four men stand around a cannon as it shoots. They wear military uniform. Explosion in town - mushroom cloud of smoke. Close up of a cannon firing a second time. Next mushroom cloud explodes next to the diminishing smoke of the first cannon fire. Civilians and soldiers carry an injured man towards camera. Civilians carry a dead body on a stretcher, covered with a blanket. Peasant-type man and herd of cows, some pulling carts, leave the town. Two peasant women carry a child and some blankets. Pan around to see crowd on the street - all laden with bags and blankets. Cut to civilians running down a street. Long shot of town. Men and women escape the town carrying their possessions. Shops in the background all closed, Tramlines can be seen on the road. Top of building seen in silhouette. Smoke rising behind it. Cut to burning building. People run in front of it. They are silhouetted.
Intertitle: Worst London Cloud Burst in 27 years - streets of London are flooded when rain descends in torrents.
Dingy London street flooded with water. A double-decker bus can be seen in the distance. Shop fronts can be made out. Cut to double-decker bus making slow progress through the flooded road. Large crowd of people stand at the roadside looking towards camera. Man on bicycle rides past them. Parked car with bubbling drain (looks like a small waterfall) next to it. Women pick up their skirts and make their way past the shops. Boys in short trousers wade in the middle of the road.
Intertitle: In the US - Storms and Floods render thousands homeless.
Aerial pan down a street. Detached houses are submerged in water up to their top windows. Tree tops can be seen outside the house. Three car tops poke out of the water. Three chickens stand on the roof of their chicken hut. Small cat stranded in the upper branches of a tree. Submerged house can be seen through the bare boughs. Row boat outside a house. Men in fisherman's waders bring out an infant wrapped in a blanket and pass the child onto a boat. Family already on the boat. Crowded motorboats. Cars on submerged road making slow progress. Wall of stones on each kerb makes a temporary dam. Two horses swimming. Torrents of water run down a hillside.
Intertitle: George VI Reviews Grand Fleet: newly crowned monarch sees Britain's mighty sea force at its best.
Their Majesties King George VI and Queen Elizabeth on thrones in crowns, furs trains etc and holding sceptres. Montage of battle ships - aerial shot (wing and propeller of aeroplane in shots). Battle cruisers shot from second ship. Bunting obscures part of shot. Full side on shot of battleship at sea. His Majesty in Navy uniform salutes. Captain and they shake hands. Her Majesty in large fur collar talks politely to crew member (has his back to camera). Longshot of ship with bunting stretching from prow to stern.
Intertitle: Texas Horror! 450 perish when mysterious explosion demolishes school at New London
Tall red brick building slowly crumbles away at one side. Cut to a large group of people digging in the rubble. Some men hold up lamps or torches. Close up on stooped black man picking through the debris. Cut back to partially demolished school building. Large group of men outside. Some civilian, some in hard hats and some in military-style dress. School building folds in on itself to become completely demolished. Cloud of dust rises from it. Battered car with large lump of masonry in backseat is examined by a man.
Intertitle: US Labour Strikes. Industrial Production Halted - workers lose millions in pay when Government condones "sit down" labour war.
Crowd of people sit around tables in a large, high-ceilinged room (possibly a works canteen). Men wave out of the large windows. Cut to outside building. Camera looks up at men waving from windows. Under the window is a sign reading "6 days now". Picket line. Men sit and stand in a row. Some hold banners eg "In Union there is Strength" and "We want Collective Bargaining". All the pickets wear shirts, ties, trousers and hats.
Intertitle: Rockefeller Oil Pioneer and Philanthropist passes at ninety seven
Stages scene of very old Rockerfeller in flat cap and cravat giving a coin to a young pretty woman wearing a fashionable hat and coat. He bows to her repeatedly and she giggles . Close up Rockefeller, reading a prepared speech. He wears a straw boater and bow tie and his face is partly obscures by his cue card.
Intertitle: Amelia Earhart lost! Famous aviatrix vanishes while attempting to girdle globe.
Earhart in bad checked shirt posing for camera. Portrait shot of Earhart takes off in light aircraft. Illustrated map of Pacific Ocean. White letters S.O.S. flash up repeatedly. Two men in control tower - both in headsets - look at dials.
Intertitle: Her Last Picture
Cut back to portrait style shot of Earhart smiling demurely.
Intertitle: London to new York in 24 hours. Giant clipper ships are trail blazers in New and Old World Service.
Air Balloon (very grainy shot) 4 propeller sea plane lands on water. Map showing Atlantic Ocean, part of Europe and the East Coast of Canada and North America. White line shows journey from London to Foynes to Shediac??? to New York. Airplane G-ADHM (small passenger plane) shot from air. New York skyscrapers can be seen below it. Same plane lands on water.
Intertitle: Soviet flyers win new Air Laurels. Trio hops from Moscow to Vancouver, Wash., via North Pole, breaking world's distance record.
Crowd of men in roll neck sweaters and flat caps. One puts his arm around his neighbour's shoulder. Three aviators stand together and smile for the camera. Cut to their feet. They all wear knee length fur boots. Map with North Pole in Centre. White line shows their route from Moscow to North Pole to Canada (Port Simpson and Sitka) to Vancouver. 3 airmen in fur-lined flying jackets.
Intertitle: Moscow says "Well Done!"
Camera on car going through their ticker tape parade. Lots of paper and cheering crowds. Cut to airman in open-topped car smiling and waving. Longshot of street and airmen's cars. Lots of paper and waving. Aerial shot of chaotic street.
Intertitle: Black to US Court! Roosevelt appoints self-conferred ex-Klansman to Bench from which there is no appeal.
Man in smart suit and trilby (Klansman) stands amid a group of reporters (similarly dressed) who takes notes of what he is saying. Camera flashes out of shot. Close up of Klansman's face - smug.
Intertitle: 77 Million Dollar Bridge Opens. World's largest span links Golden Gate City and East Bay Area.
Longshot of Bridge. Tracking shot of many cars and motorbikes going along carriageway and bridge. Longshot of bridge.
Intertitle: Mussolini visits Hitler in Germany. Historic meeting of 2 dictators draws attention of entire world.
Many Hitler Youth Girls and some Nazi Officers line a decorated street giving the Nazi salute. Some wave flags. Close up of Mussolini looking out of a large train window. Cut to smiling and waving children (not in uniform) Cut to Mussolini disembarking the train. He is greeted by a number of brown-uniformed officers. Hitler leads Mussolini from the platform, flanked by a number of brown shirted Nazis and one in black uniform. Hitler and Mussolini march out into the street. The officers stay back and let the leaders march out to the crowd. Many Nazis in brown uniforms can be seen. Pan around crowded street. Hitler and Mussolini stand on a roped-off platform. Mussolini gives Nazi salute. Hitler Youth (boys in short trousers) march past and return the salute.
Intertitle: Japanese Invade China! Fierce Air Raids terrorize millions of non-combatants in Shanghai and Nanking.
Street sign reading "Shanghai South" (in English and Chinese Script) stands next to a large building (maybe a temple). Car on fire next to a burnt-out building which has smoke coming out of it. Woman drags half-naked body out of rubble. Dirty (burned?) toddler screams in the road next to a pile of debris. Pan out to reveal railway station - building in rubble and masonry across the tracks. Man carries child across track. Long shot of town. Two spires of smoke can be seen. Three aeroplanes - shot from sky. Bombs released from one plane. Plume of smoke billows up where bomb hit. Plane releases missiles. Burnt shell of building. Families run down street carrying minimal belongings. Families crowd into air raid shelters guided by Chinese military. Man on ground with large machine gun shoots at bomber. Trail of black smoke in sky. Plane seen on fire and falling rapidly. Hits the ground and explodes.

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