Film: 6775

Science | 1960 | Sound | B/W


Future Predictions
Images of cars, boats, buildings. Title Whitewater Kayaking. Men building a kayak out of carbon fibre. Narrator discusses carbon fibres uses and importance to building vehicles. Kayak racing. Man using a screwdriver in a factory. Man constructing a bicycle wheel by hand then in a factory. Scorpion tank in rough terrain, then on the road, racing a Jaguar XJ6; narrator notes speed of tank and its ability to continue off-road. Use of aluminium in building military vehicles. Tank shooting and destroying another. man riding on top of tank. Man showing children games. Fizzog and Connect (based on lines and colours). Use of observational skills. Child with leukaemia sleeping in hospital bed. Outside shot of hospital. Hospital room contains telephone, television etc. Hospital visitors putting on special footwear. Explanation of leukaemia and its treatment. Visitors view isolated patients through windows. Food put through hatches to rooms. Utensils sterilised by Ultraviolet light in kitchen. Patients in plastic isolation tents. Nurses wear spacesuits to reach patient. Woman speaking to doctor about leukaemia. Scientific advancements.

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