Film: 6778

Places + Locations | 1940 | Silent | B/W + Colour


Amateur home movie.
Sign: Salisbury (Rhodesia, Africa). Group of black people gathered. Statue of Rhodes. Main street, bridge, cars crossing, black women walking along roadside. Plaque of Rhodes, and bridge with plaque of Beit, motorbike crossing bridge. Black child in grass. White children with horses. Palace, Rolls Royce in front, President and wife walking in front of palace. They appear to be white English. Street. White, well-to-do woman walking dog. Black child in front of large house. White middle-class owners of house, in garden. White man and son in matching hats. Father points out sites to son. Buckland Gate: father and son bow and walk across the park with a dog. White woman (park warden maybe) emerges; all three look at the view. Straw huts. White family with dogs. White family walking through grass, waving to camera. Close-up of flowers. Dannakay Hotel. Set in mountains; looks glamorous. Black man works in garden. White child plays by swimming pool. Older white man drives car as blacks look on. Car driving through mountains. Waterfall (Inyangombi). White male tourist Ryzawi school. Black families walk outside. Inside, wealthy whites. School sports. White children in white clothes race, cheered on by parents. High-jump competition. Parents look on, hurdles, sprinting (girls and boys separate), relay, white man in white suit by a table of trophies, children come up to accept prizes. Victoria Falls. White male tourists. views of falls. Tourists painting. Monkeys. White tourists play with monkeys. White child with gun. UK flag. Soldiers on horseback, white spectators. Army parade, aerial view of mountains and desert. Black family. Group of huts. White family walk into this, River, White man feeding monkeys. Black children walk past a Rolls Royce. Wankie National Park. Buffalo, crocodile, giraffe, elephants. White crowd at horse races.

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