Film: 6779

Places + Locations | 1950 | Sound | B/W


South Rhodesia or Zimbabwe, Africa.
Black labourers picking vegetables. Map of Southern Rhodesia. Map of annual rainfall. Black man and woman with child on her back chopping wood and tilling soil with simple implements. Black women with pestle and mortar preparing food. Black family eating outside a hut. Herd of cattle. View of mountainous land. Farmer ploughing with ox and cart. Field of corn. White man peeling ear of corn. Black labourers harvesting corn with scythes. Corn is driven away on tractor and processed by labourers. Tobacco plants. Leaves picked by black labourers. Cotton plants - important export; cotton-picking. Black labourers bring bags of cotton to a scale, where a white man stands. Fruit-picking and packaging. Tractor harvesting barley. Dry land and dust in winter. Rainstorm, mud, animals and plants. Hummingbird. Deer. Black woman and child collecting water. Oxen. Waterfalls, river dams, irrigation. Port of Badaw (?). Loading exports onto freighters.

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