Film: 6780

Newsreels + Film Magazines | 1940 | Sound | B/W


Southern Africa.
'Operation Relax'. Prime Minister's Cabin, cruising boat (Roy Wilinsky). Commander, Pat Cochrane. White audience. Boat transported out of Salisbury, Rhodesia ( Harare, Zimbabwe ) to be used at PM's leisure.
'Copperbelt Agricultural Show'. All-white crowds at a fair. Children eating ice-cream. Land Rover display. Black dancers and musicians. Horse-jumping. Black men parade livestock.
'Wall of Death'. Motocyclists.
'Pilgrims Pay Homage'. Black and European pilgrims mourn a christian martyr. Procession of black and white priests.
'Soil Conservation Lessons'. White children at school, learning about farming, dams, etc. Childrens' illustrations. Children perform a 'ballet' to demonstrate water flowing.
'Showgirls Visit Kariba'. Three performers from show 'Hey Diddle Diddle'. Girls view dam. Power station. Girls on boat trip. (Three white U.S.A. entertainers). Fishing.
'Progress in the Federation'. Smokestacks. Mining shaft. Man at controls of shaft smelting. Black labourers digging mine shaft. Construction in Salisbury. Livingstone House, Beatrice Roas. Flyover. Furniture showroom visited by PM. Show room is filled with well-dressed whites. Rhodesian Iron and Steel Co.

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