Film: 6781

Newsreels + Film Magazines | 1950 | Sound | B/W


Fatal Accident:
Two cars after fatal accident, smashed up at side of road, seven people injured, one killed, injured lying next to cars, dead person covered up, ambulance men splinting and putting injured into stretcher and into back of ambulance.
Awards and Adieu:
Capetown, South Africa castle parade officer commanding of Cape command presents medals for gallantry. 2nd battalion of S.A. police brigade. Soldiers raise caps in unison. Coast artillery brigade inspected by the governor General Rt. Hon. G. Bright Fonzael (?) outside railway station. Senior Navy and Army officers, members of the diplomatic corps wave him off and boards white train to Pietermaritzburg.
Introducing a famous artist:
Mary Peacock giving an interview sings song about a dress.
World of silence:
Playtime at St Vincent School Johannesburg. Children skipping, dancing, playing on swings, playing tag. It is a school for the deaf. Children using sign language. Nuns look after children. Young girl playing with bells. Children in lessons learning to lip-read and speak, blowing feather, whistle, using mirrors to check mouth formations. Painting to pictures. Children with partial hearing putting on and using headphone type hearing aids. Clap in time to sounds. Lessons given by nuns. Children in classroom. Girls in domestic science - cooking , ironing, fixing plugs, dress making, cutting and sewing, wearing finished dresses. Boys learning carpentry using planes , bench saws, carving, making furniture. Children skipping in crocodile formation.

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