Film: 6782

Newsreels + Film Magazines | 1950 | Sound | B/W


South Africa
Cadets learn manipulation of mod. ordinance. Cadets on inspection and on parade, doing stretcher drill and practising first aid, wrapping bandages around someones leg, making sling. Lecture and close up of Officers. Cadets practise using anti-aircraft guns at marine target, loading and using coastal guns. Cadets standing to attention cadets (in SA) on parade.
Russian Art Depicts Heroism and Tragedy: State Gallery and Tetchercov (?) People inside gallery, statue of Lenin, Stalin. Russians looking at painting depicting battle on
the Russian front. Statue of mother holding baby. Russian painting of war and refugees. Statue of famous girl sniper.
South African Provides Sanctuary. Poland 1939. Refugees in camps with their possessions either side of road, down which drive soldiers on bikes and in cars. Refugees walking slowly, barefoot with children etc. Polish flag flying over refugee camp at Illport (?) South Africa. Mr Lawrence Minister of the Interior, and wife, and
princess arrive to inspect camp. Minister talks to lots of "healthy" polish children. Children in schoolroom writing and working. children in group simultaneously "mop their brows". Lots of children. Older girls doing washing and hang it out. sewing and stitching clothes for all camp members. All of sewing. Boys repairing shoes and making mugs, using hammers and tools. Hand printing, making copies for children's books. Children at school reading. Children's hospital, rows of beds, Minister's wife puts down lamp and talks to children and doctor. Hundreds of children eating in hall. Close up of two small boys with tin dishes and spoons. Mr Lawrence and his party having a slap up lunch. Camps dog chasing football, children bunched up watching. Camps dog attacks very placid camp's cat. Church service conducted by priest, priest at Altar, lots of children praying and singing. Children on parade march past Minister and his party. Entertainment of Polish Dancing, dancer presents bunch of flowers to ladies as well as ostrich feathers and eggs, ladies carry these as they leave massive crowd of children walk towards camera close up of men marching with guns (Polish Army).

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