Film: 6784

Newsreels + Film Magazines | 1940 | Sound | B/W


Southern Africa.
'Act of Faith'. Church, South Africa township. Interior of church as it is being built. White priest observes black labourers.
'Art in the Open Air'. Salisbury, Rhodesia ( Harare, Zimbabwe ) Art Club exibition. Open-air fountain surrounded by middle class whites. Display of paintings, bringing art to the people. 'Surrey V Rhodesia'. Cricket game in Salisbury. Players and spectators are all white.
'Snakes Alive'. Laterita Reptile Gardens (North Rhodesia). White school children observing snakes. Close ups of snakes.
'Link up at Kariba'. Dam. Labourers working on dam, moving concrete Kariba lake. Preparing electical conductors. Hoisting insulators. Men crossing between conductors along ropes. Slicing oil cables. Views of dam.
'Springboks take the plunge'. White swimming competition. White spectators. Man diving.

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