Film: 6786

Natural History | 1950 | Sound | Colour


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Woman lying on camp bed with lion. Lion brought up by humans as a pet lion taken back to the bush as opposed to a zoo. Taught to fend and hunt for itself, lion pawing at dead zebra behind Land Rover. Lion, driven out into bush, and left alone. Lion pacing through grass. Male lion. Couple return to follow Elsa's progress. Lion hears gunshot, comes running back to owners. Owners return repeatedly over several months to see and feed Elsa. Elsa mates and has cubs, but the Adamsons cannot find them. Finally Elsa brings cubs to camp ground. Lion playing with cubs. Leopard stalking. Elephants, rhinos. Elsa on the look out for danger. Baboons. Joy Adamson shoots crocodile to eliminate risk for cubs. Elsa washing. Joy Adamson takes photos of cubs, playing, fighting. Weaning of cubs. Elsa on top of Land Rover. Cubs feeding. Joy with lions. Cub in tree. Adamsons leave food for lions, so they will return to the camp. Elsa with Adamsons. Elsa dies. Shots of lions on rock. Kenya, Africa.

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