Film: 6788

Medicine | 1960 | Sound | Colour


Diagram of female reproductive organs. Illustration of sperm moving towards uterus, disappearing when not fertilized by egg. Illustration of leftover sperm in vagina. Illustration of sperm fertilizing descending egg. Fertilized egg moving towards uterus. Egg, embeds itself in uteral wall and begins to develop. Illustration of female body. Ways to avoid pregnancy. Rhythm method - calendar of menstrual cycle. Use of condom or diaphragm "To keep egg and sperm apart". Shots of condoms and diaphragms lined with spermicide. Fitting of diaphragm. Shots of other contraceptives, i.e. creams, suppositories. Fallibility of above methods. Birth control - pill (shots of) illustration of pill's function. Use of pill according to calendar schedule. Shots of various IUDs . Illustration of IUD insertion. Doctors unsure how IUD works. IUD and pill championed as best methods of contraception. Sex education and birth control methods for contraception.

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