Film: 6794

Art + Architecture | 1970 | Sound | B/W


Cezanne, exhibition of Cezanne painting 1970's
Opening shot of two women viewing a painting in gallery room. Door and curtain in background, other paintings hanging on wall, two vases and candelabra/chandelier in foreground. Pan from right to left across a five pronged candle- stick, and its shadow, on wall behind. Continue on to a hanging, framed painting of a still-life with fruit, central close-up of painting. Cut to shot of a painting of two women, one standing, one sitting, wearing long, silk dresses. Close-up of the two women's heads together, then pan from left to right of both faces. Long shot to close-up of framed drawing/painting of two men; one standing nude, the other half submerged in lake, trees and bushes in background. Cut to long-shot of another painting;(The Gardener?), a man in straw hat, sitting in chair with legs crossed. Close-up of face, pan from foot up to face. Cut to close-up of landscape painting with trees. Full shot of the same painting with church/cathedral on the right hand side of the picture. Long-shot of a similar painting, portrait format, with church/cathedral in background, with smaller houses and trees/bushes in foreground. Cut to close-up of church/cathedral. Lingering still shot of charcoal type picture of four storey house, hills in background, trees and bushes surrounding house. Close-up of P. Cezanne signature at the bottom of a painting. Cut to close-up of a different painting and the wavey branches of a tree, pan out to reveal the rest of the winter landscape painting; two trees in foreground, one in centre middle-ground with a house in the background. Cut to full-shot of painting with four/five figures seated on grass in foreground, with central figure pouring a glass of wine, trees and church steeple in background. Long-shot followed by close-up pan of groups of naked figures, trees on both left and right of scene,(alligorical painting?). Close-up of painting/drawing of vegetables. Full shot of still-life with fruit, as before, close-up of light coloured material present in painting, pan left to include the bowl of fruit. Cut to a different painting, close-up of two vases. Shot of painting on gallery wall, from left to right. Pan down to small, bronze sculpture of reclining female nude, zoom in slightly.

The film ends with various close-up shots of three B/W photographs of Cezanne, wearing a bowler hat, black jacket and waistcoat, holding either a painters palette, paintbrush or both. Final long-shot of Cezanne standing at easel.

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