Film: 6804

Education | 1960 | Sound | Colour


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Photosynthesis and how it converts to energy
A country scene with a stream running through grassland. Close up of some plants growing on the banks of the stream. Close up of chestnut leaves with the sun reflected on them. Microscopic slide shows plant cells full of chlorophyll grains, visible due to their green colour. Carbon dioxide diffuses through the stoma (plant pore), a close up reveals the chlorophyll grains moving within the plant cells and the carbon dioxide diffusing inside the cells. A diagram explains what happens inside the chlorophyll grain. Model of a chlorophyll molecule (place where photosynthesis takes place). An animated diagram shows which molecules are involved in photosynthesis. A diagram of the sun radiating energy to earth and onto a chlorophyll molecule which becomes charged, this triggers photosynthesis, an explanation of the chemical reactions follows this, for example how photosynthesis produces sugar (sucrose). Millions of sugar molecules.

Plant cells viewed under the light microscope. An animation shows plant storing sugar in fruits (cherry), in roots (sugar beet), in stems (sugar cane) and in other plants sugar is condensed to form starch. Close up of a flower (it secretes sugar to attract insects). A bee pollinating a flower. A bee flying over flowers, it becomes a diagram which is used to explain that the speed and duration of the bee's flight depends on the amount of sugar taken in, if the distance to the bee hive is great, all the sugar will be used up by the bee's muscles. Bees entering a bee hive. Bees inside a bee hive. Sugar dissolved in water (sugar solution). A fly has a grass stalk stuck to its back, the stalk is connected to a device that measures the fly's flight performance, the fly is fed a sugar solution and by reflect action starts flying, it sets the device spinning round and round until it runs out of sugar, it fed a second time and again it set the device spinning. The fly's performance is measured. A horse pulls a plough in a field. A horse feeding. A girl eating cakes. Close up of the cake. A diagram explains how humans convert starch back to sugar and how the sugar is distributed via the blood stream into vital organs. An animated diagram of a muscle explains how sugar is converted into kinetic energy, that is how the muscle performs work (ATP etc.). An animation describes the biological equilibrium between animals and plants. Another animation, very briefly, compares the earth 340 million years ago, 200 million years ago, 40000 years ago with today (1960's).

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