Film: 6806

Natural History | 1960 | Sound | B/W


Brno, Czechoslovakia. Footage of Mendel's monastery and nurseries. Mendel's records and microscope. Modern pea farm, variety of plants, pods. Botanist cross-pollinates plants. Short and tall plants which result, with explanation of genetic theory. Filial generation ratios. Law of dominance, recessive and dominant genes, paired factors, law of segregation, hybrids, heterozygous, law of independent assortment. Description of discovery of Mendel's work, creditors, colour combinations. Collins fourth law. Morgan's work with drosophilae supplement. Chromosomes, micrographs of chromosomes. Muller's work with radioactivity technician scans plants with Geiger counter. Scientist examines test-tubes of mould, enzymes, micrographs of cells. Model of DNA Helix. Micrograph of viruses.

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