Film: 6808

Railways | 1930 | Silent | B/W


Amateur home movie.
Exterior of Victoria station, London. Panning shot showing Grosvenor Hotel. Clock showing time of 10.55 am. Advertising sign outside station details routes available. Boat Train to Continent via Dover Calais, Dover Ostende Folkestone. Brief and unclear shot of underground sign. Taxi approaches station entrance. Steam train leaving covered platform entering sun. Very hazy shot of curve of track as train progresses. Remainder of carriages leave the station. Brief but erratic shots of passengers boarding ship. Unidentified ship leaving harbour. On board shots taken with a hand-held camera. Very grainy and washed-out sequence of quayside with steam train in background. Calais- Mediterranee Express sign. Brief shot of platform. Clock with time at 9.25am. French guard in corner of screen. Close up of steam train front. Very washed-out timetable for Calais Mediterranee Express: Compagnie Internationale des Wagons-Lits et des Grands Express Europeens. Front of train railtracks. Panning shot of goods yards and trucks (very poor quality) Close to Paris. Panning shots of Paris streets taken from passing train. Two steam trains at rest facing camera as train pulls into station. Panning shot of Railway station platform (in Paris?) Finishing on engine of train. Panning shot as train leaves station. Train enters tunnel. Note: Daily Mail advertising hoarding at Dover.

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