Film: 681

Railways | 1920 | Silent | B/W


Thursday 2nd July 1925.
Duke and Duchess of York disembark form a train and take a place in the stand to watch the parade to celebrate the anniversary of the Stockton to darlington first passenger railway service.

Railway track with crowds alongside watching engines go by.1. Early C19 locomotive engine. 2. Track alongside field with thinner crowd than before watching steam engine go by. 3. Steam engine 4. LNER no. 203 steam engine with tender and guard and fireman. 5. Great Western engine with tender full of coal.6. Steam engine with tender and guard.7. Steam engine no. 3990, LNER with guard and tender. 8. Steam engine with guard, fireman and empty tender, no 2207, LNER. 9. Engine LNER 10. LNER no.2151 engine with guard. 11. Early locomotive with 2 tenders? And 2 guards in early C19 dress. 12. Engine with tender. 13. Engine no. 934, LNER with guard and fireman. 14. Engine with tender no 5088 15. LNER engine. 16 Engine with tender. 17. Engine with tender and guard. Title 'Monsters of the main line' 18. Engine with full tender, LNER no. 6169. 19. Engine with full tender 20. Engine with full tender. 21. Engine with carriage, LNER no. 1163, carriage no.13. 22. Carriage? 23. Engine no. 2395 LNER with engine/tender. 24. Railway car?. 25. Carriage, train In background. 26. Carriage with guard 27. Engine LNER no. 5088 with guards. 28. Engine no. 11112 with guard. Stand with seated crowd and policemen. Title introducing modern trains. 1. Modern train 2. Train no. 10474. View up to royal box. 3. Southern, 449 4. Train no. 2400, LNER

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