Film: 6812

Dance | 1960 | Sound | Colour


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Two films of two very different forms of dance on a British stage: traditional ballet and African dance with drums.
Extract of ballet. On stage a female dancer (possibly Margot Fonteyn) is joined by male dancer. They are clearly in love. Music changes as another male dancer comes on to the stage, he in some way represents evil. The couple leave the stage and the music becomes discordant. The evil character climbs into the set at the back of the stage (clouds). and the corps de ballet appear on stage.
2. The national Ballet of Guinea perform Les Ballets Afriques at the Edinburgh Festival in the Lyceum in August / September 1964 (this is information taken from a poster that appears before the performance). In traditional dress and playing their own drums the males of the dance company perform a very physical dance on a plain stage with a blue back drop. Topless female dancers run on the stage and move rhythmically.

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