Film: 6814

Feature Comedy | 1930 | Sound | B/W


Trials of carving turkey. Shows how to properly carve, then funny sketch around table with in-laws waiting. Voice-over commentary.
A man waits outside door pacing up and down, looks at his watch, a woman, his wife, walks through the door, he watches her in consternation, she comes out and presents him with turkey, (Meant to look like baby), they both smile at it proudly and discuss where it shall be carved, the woman nods her head towards the dining room, the man sighs and follows her slowly.
E. Cullens in suit and tie, moves his arms and looks down. He turns a turkey on a silver platter onto its side. A close up of the turkey's rear. Mr. Cullen's hands slice the top leg at the first joint with a sharp knife, he then moves it over to an empty platter and neatly slices the meat off the bone with the sharp knife. Mr. Cullen's concentrates over the turkey. He uses the carving knife and fork to slice meat away from the rest of the leg bone, he puts the slices on the other platter, he cuts along the rest of the bone and, putting down the fork, uses his hand to pull it from the meat. Mr. Cullens smiles at the commentator's remarks. Mr. Cullen hands hold the knife and fork again as he cuts into the white breast meat, he cuts towards himself, slicing off three large pieces off meat and laying them on the platter. He then cuts a chunk of meat from under the leg bone called the oyster and lays it on the top of the meat on the platter. Mr Cullens puts down the knife and fork and picks up a plate and spoon and starts to spoon the dressing onto a small plate. A full view of Mr. Cullens as he puts the stuffing onto the plate, he puts the plate to the side of the turkey.

The husband sits at the head of the table, partially obscured by the large turkey, he looks in disgust at the puny dinner fork in his hand, stands up and takes off his coat and rolls up his sleeve as if preparing for battle. His in-laws, father and mother-in-law and a young boy sit at the finely set table looking towards him with distrust and dislike. The man rubs his hands together and calls to the kitchen for the carving knife. His wife nods at him and opens the cutlery drawer and pulls out the carving knife. She walks into the dining room and hands him the carving knife and puts down a bowl of mashed potatoes.

The man looks at the turkey with a grimace and touches the side of the knife, he looks up at his in-laws. They glare back at him. He jabs the fork into the breast of the bird, fruitlessly trying to get a hold on it. The father in law shakes his head in hopelessness. The man stands over the bird helplessly, he jabs the fork in ad the bird slides off the plate, he pulls it upright and saws at the breast perpendicular to the bone, then he starts sawing at the leg but the bone stops him, he drops the knife and starts to pull on the leg with his hand, then he pulls the other leg bone and it comes off clean in his hand, he looks towards his father-in-law daring him to say anything, he tries to cut the breast but the knife is dull and he ends up cutting off the skin, he puts it on a plate, with the leg of the bird, he hacks and pulls on the bird, trying to get any meat off it, but nothing works, his wife comes in and grimaces at him in apology for making him do this in public. The in-laws glare at him. His wife comes in and tries to instruct him but refuses to carve it herself, he digs the knife into the bird and pulls out some stuffing, he shoves a spoon in and his hand goes in up to his wrist, he dumps a bit of dressing on the plate and then wipes his hand off with a cloth and hands the plate to the young boy. The boy, sitting beside his mother, glares at the plate and then at the man, and then brightens as he passes the plate on to his mother with a gesture of exaggerated offering. ( he looks like a little terror of a child.) The plate of skin, bone and a few pieces of meat. He hacks some more at the bird and cuts off a huge piece of meat and nods in defiance towards his father in-law. He puts down the knife and spoons put some potatoes and gravy onto the plate. Close-up of the young boy in suit and tie. Close up of the mangled chicken as the man destroys it, the knife slips and a bit of dressing hits the boy in the face. He wipes off the dressing with a deliberate gesture. The full table, with turkey at the top as the man passes the second plate to the boy. The boy passes this plate onto his mother as well. The man cuts a huge hole along the side of the chicken, and cuts off the huge piece of meat. The father in law grimaces in disgust. The man tries to get some stuffing out with a spoon but none comes out, the man spoons out some potatoes and peas, he asks the father-in-law if he wants cranberry sauce. The older man shakes his head. The man puts some on the plate anyway, he passes the plate over. The father-in-law takes the plate, and then takes the unlit cigar out of his mouth and shakes his head. The man hacks at the turkey some more, then picks it up and tries to dump the dressing out by shaking it. The mother-in-law shakes her head.

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